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Future Mogul: A Plan For Success

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Future Mogul
is a suite of strategic marketing services designed to rapidly rev your start-up and get your organization on a pathway to success.  As strategic visionary, the success of your company depends on you quickly establishing target audiences, winning customers, and creating a long-term strategy for success.   But if you’re trying to perform your core competencies, these marketing tasks are often marginalized, or performed by lower-level staff with less than excellent results.

Marketing and public relations are important to any organization, but for a company just starting out, both disciplines are critical to survival.   And they’re not overhead; they’re money-making engines.

I’ve created Future Mogul to take the angst out of creating effective public relations and marketing.   I’ll explain how by giving you a bit of my background.

My first company, Cate Meredith Marketing & Events, was launched in Washington, D.C. on September 10, 2001.  I longed to have the freedom to choose my own clients, to spend business hours doing creative work I genuinely enjoyed.  And, of course, I wanted to earn more money with my own company than I could make working for someone else.

In anticipation of my smashing, over-the-top success, I’d leased a gorgeous office space on the riverfront in Georgetown, filled it with fancy furniture, and on Monday morning, flung open my doors, positive that business would flood in, much like matter being sucked into a vacuum.

What can I say?  I’d never had a company before.    My big entrepreneurial dreams and expectations had not been tempered by experience.  My strategy was thin, to say the least.  In retrospect, to say it bluntly, I had no freaking idea what I was doing.

Predictably, not a single person called my brand-new business phone that day.

The terror attacks the next day, September 11, 2001, completely demolished the flimsy business plan I’d created to guide my success.   In addition to the shared horror of that dark time, I was afraid my business would sink before it even had an opportunity to find its legs.

However, something surprising happened.   A few weeks after the attacks, my phone rang.   A voice on the other end asked if I would I be interested in discussing organizing a charity event.

It was an inauspicious start, but I soon had a full agenda, and was achieving some of my professional objectives.  I was, finally, finally, a real entrepreneur.

I successfully grew my company for eight years, then moved to Texas.  There, I launched a public relations company for high-profile clients accused of crimes.  I ran into the same entrepreneurial problems I had in D.C.; those first few months were hard, especially since I had changed the specialty of my work, and I was starting over in a city where I had no contacts.  But within months, I was cash flow positive and doing work that challenged and satisfied me.

By the time I returned to D.C., I had figured out a strategic method for building a business from the ground up.  I had confronted tough business questions, struggled with cash flow and hiring people, and eventually learned to grow and thrive.

I started Bene Media using the methodology I’d created with my other two companies, and refined by working with scores of start-ups, philanthropic organizations, designers & artists, and Fortune 500 companies.  That methodology has now been packaged as Future Mogul.

Future Mogul is designed to rapidly deploy new companies or new services for one easy-peasy investment that works quickly – within months, not years. Future Mogul will help your start-up business gain traction, find your voice, and find your customers.

To hit the ground running, Future Mogul includes:

Three hours of strategic coaching  Let’s discuss your goals and ambitions for your company.

Social media management  Find your audience, engage with potential customers, learn about your competitors, and create a friendly brand that attracts loyalty with social media.

Public relations  Whether you need to organize a grand opening for a retail shop or create a press release that sparks urgent attention, your organization requires public relations to thrive.  Bene Media makes public relations seamless to your success.

CRM  We will collaborate with your firm to design a company-wide strategy to attract customers, retain the clients you already have, entice former clients to return and reduce the costs of new business development.

I believe everyone should have an opportunity to fulfill their dream of launching a successful company.  It is a heady experience, a non-stop whoop-de-doo thrill ride, and I’d love to help you get there.

To learn more, call 703.475.7019 or email

I look forward to helping your company become a success beyond your wildest dreams.


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Catherine Meredith

Catherine Meredith is CEO and founder of Bene Media. She helps new businesses find their voices (and customers), creates brands that customers love and movements that endure.

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